Last Sunday saw us have an all age worship service where adults and children come together to here Dave bring the message from John 15:9-18 Click here and how we are called to love one another but this is only possible if we remain in Christ's love.

This Sunday 31st Jan. There will be no service at St. Gabriel's but instead we will be joining with St Cleopas and St Philemons at St Philemons on Admiral Street (opposite the Police station.) From 1030am. We will be having our APCM where we get to hear a reflection on the year past and we will be electing new people for various church offices so its important we have as many there as possible. Rev. David Gavin will be bringing the word.

Celebrate Recovery.
Our Celebrate Recovery group starts this Saturday from 1-3pm, please pray for this important outreach and for the team involved in leading it.


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