Sunday 20th September - Joint Service at St Gabriel's 10.30am


Sunday 13th September 2020 - service at St Cleopas 10.30am

Hello again!It was lovely to see some of you at Gabbie's last Sunday and for those of you who can't venture out yet, I hope you are well. It sounds like we need to be extra cautious around the Liverpool area at the moment, so please stay safe.
Today's service is around the theme of Forgiveness - tricky but crucial! click on read more to view sermon

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and please keep in touch if you are unable to come.
God bless. Love, Sian

Sunday 6th September 2020 - we're back in a building

As mentioned in a previous episode of "Parish of Dingle", we are going back into a church building this Sunday The plan is for us to meet as a parish in one of our church buildings each Sunday morning for the foreseeable future. 
The service will start at 10.30am.
6th September - St Gabriel's 13th September - St Cleopas 20th September - St Gabriel's 27th September - St Cleopas
It will be a short service of Morning Prayer, suitable for all ages.
Currently, everyone (apart from those leading) needs to wear a face mask. There is a one way system in both buildings, and there are handwash dispensers around, too.  Families are welcome to sit with those in their "bubble" but, apart from that, we are still required to practise social distancing.
Sadly, we are not yet allowed to sing, although we will probably play some music during the service. We cannot use hymn books or service sheets, so words will be projected onto the television or screen at Gabbie's and onto …

Sunday 30th August 2020

Hello again,This is our last Sunday service with a guest preacher, and we are fortunate to have the return of Bishop Paul, preaching on a very challenging Gospel passage.

Click on read more to watch video
We are aiming to get back into church services in September. Obviously there are restrictions: social distancing, face masks, no singing, no refreshments... We won't attempt communion services yet. We will still provide some form of service for those of us not ready to venture out yet.
I shall keep you updated through the week. We don't want to turn people away if numbers are too large, so we may have to think of either a booking system or consecutive services.
At our last PCC meeting, we committed to meeting for prayer more regularly, to seek God's vision for us as a parish. I am going to prepare a short booklet this week for everyone, so none of us are left out of the BIble readings and prayer topics we'll be focussing on.
Finally, I'd like to say a massive thank you …

Sunday 23rd August 2020

I hope you're well. Today's sermon, from Archdeacon Pete, is based on one of the most important Gospel passages, where Simon Peter recognises Jesus for who he is. This life-changing moment leads to the question of whether or not we have had a similar encounter with Jesus Christ. And if we have, how has it changed our lives and brought others closer to him?

Sunday 16th August 2020

Hello again,
Apart from snow, I think we've experienced just about every type of weather over the last week! If anyone doubts God's power, those massive storms were enough to remind us of the passage in Psalm 18:6-15, where David describes what happened when he called out to the Lord in distress: "He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him - the dark rain clouds of the sky. Out of the brightness of his presence clouds advanced with hailstones and bolts of lightning. The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded." (verses 11-13).
Bishop Bev delivers today's sermon, based on the Gospel reading.