Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.

Sunday 13th March saw Rev David Gavin bring us the message on Luke 23 : 32 - 43 click here

It was good to hear from David again as we continued our look at the seven things Jesus said from the Cross, today's saying was broken into three parts by David.

'TODAY,           YOU WILL BE WITH ME (Jesus)           IN PARADISE'

What happens when we die?  
There were two thieves on the crosses either side of Jesus, one was told by Jesus, today he would be with Jesus in Paradise,
This thief was guilty of crimes so bad he was being crucified, he was breathing his last and would never be able to do any good deeds that would earn his way into heaven, yet Jesus accepted him, Why?
 The thief turned to Jesus saying 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' He acknowledged Jesus as king.' Jesus immediately accepted him, forgave him and welcomed him.
 This is the same as what is offered to us today. When we put Jesus in charge of our lives, making him our king. He will accept us, when we ask, He will forgive us, when we repent and he will 'be with us always' Matthew 28 v 20 click here  that means starting from the moment you turn to Him and for eternity.
When we die, as believers in Jesus, He promises us, just like the He did to the thief on the cross, we will be with Him in paradise, immediately.

So what happened to the other thief, we don't know, we do know that 'God will have mercy on those whom He will have mercy.' click here, so it is not our place to judge, but isn't it far better to have the assurance that living in Christ Jesus guarantees us, that assurance that after this short life has passed we will share eternity with God.



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