Prayer Walks

Sunday 15th May

The traditional biannual two Cathedral's walk takes on a new twist as we link with the city council and our partners along Hope Street for a fabulous Pentecost Pageant - Celebration of Hope

HOPE Street will be transformed into a stage filled with performers, singers and artists celebrating Liverpool’s Pentecost Pageant.
Pentecost - a celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles – has been marked in Liverpool for 34 years with a ‘two cathedrals walk” which sees thousands of people process between the two cathedrals on Hope Street in a show of unity and celebration.

At 3pm the traditional procession will take place starting from the Anglican Cathedral and anyone intending to join in is asked to wear to wear red or white clothing - the colours associated with Pentecost.  The parade will culminate with a major act of worship from the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral.


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