Prayer Times at Gabbies, Monday 29th June onwards.

Gabbies set out for Social Distance
Churches are still largely closed due to the Covid situation. As ever you can talk to God anytime, He is only a prayer away.
As of week commencing 29th June there are some opportunities to pray at St. Gabriel's or St. Cleopas. Both churches have been laid out to be as secure as we can and we are restricted in what we can do of course.
Gabbies will be open for private prayer.
Tuesday 7pm to 8pm
Thursday 2pm to 3pm

Cleos will be open for private prayer.
Thursday 7pm to 8pm
Friday 2pm to 3pm

There is no-one leading, but you can sit, pray quietly as you wish. At Gabbies, there will be some prayers on a screen at the front, but you can ignore these if you wish you can light a candle and stay for 5 minutes of the whole hour.

Gabbies and Cleos remain closed on Sunday morning a short video service is posted at this website.
Gabbies Sunday@6 service will be taking place 6pm going forwards from Sunday 5th July.

Stay Safe
The buildings have been adapted to be as safe as possible, if using the buildings you will find there are hand sanitizers and very spreadout seating. We're afraid only members of the same household can sit together. At the moment we also can't sing. It is handy if people turn up a little bit early or a little bit late so that we don't all turn up together. You can turn up for private prayer at anytime in the hour.
There are signs up, but please remember we can't shake hands or hug at the moment.
We won't be taking collections at any point, if you want to give there are options you can find at

Stay in Touch
The easiest way to stay in touch is via the Facebook group

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