GAP - St. Gabriel's Access Project

We are currently in talks with the architects and the contractors and hope to see work commence early in 2019!!  

Update 2:
We are so thankful to God and the generous nature of people wanting to see His church become more accessible for people to join in the worship and praise of his amazing name!
Here is a small idea of how it has happened and how the money has came in/will be used:

Fun Run
Tax Recoverable
Penny Jar
Giving from Congregation
Fundraising Events
Project Costs
Allocated by Church
Fundraising Costs


St. Gabriel's Church and our friends have currently raised a whopping £69,080.64 with a further £10,000 promised and £500 pledged. We are so thankful for the generous hearts of people and the faithfulness of our compassionate and loving God!

The Plan:
Our project is to open up the facilities and activities within St. Gabriel's church building for all in the community and to enable new usages and users.
So, in the soon to be gutted main tower, a new staircase will access and join upstairs and down with a new lift (to upstairs and downstairs) giving entrance and welcome for all.
We add a hearing aid loop system and clearly visible projection.
A bus service to Church and a project worker (separately funded) will accompany the plan.
The cost? £155,000. The giving and pledges of Church members and friends has raised the first £50,000. We would love your help!

If you would like to find out more, please come along, find out more and join in!
If you wish to help us with the massive amount we need to raise, you can go to or even via your phone by texting "GABB86" with the amount you want to send, for example £5 to 70070. Don't worry though you can always use money and cheques, St. Gabriel's Church (GAP Project) still work too!


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