Our congregation - October 2019.

At our best we are about loving Jesus. We seem to get people from different backgrounds (church and otherwise) which we really enjoy. We look to be a good place to explore Christian faith and to grow in it too!
We look to do this with open Bibles, to learn from and be shaped by what we read there. Looking to the Holy Spirit to lead us, we are a work in progress.

We also try to be shaped by our community in the sense that we want our church life to be such that our neighbours get it when they walk in, and feel at home here.
We have a desire (especially on our good days) to serve those around us and be part of the regeneration of the area. And we have a marvelous message about Jesus to share (that works for us even on our bad days!)

St. Gabriel's church is part of the the Parish of Dingle St Gabriel's with St. Cleopas' church.

We are a church situated in the midst of a neighbourhood under regeneration. The people of St. Gabriel's are committed to serving the local community, being involved in the regeneration process while seeking the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in our work and worship.

Our 120 year-old building is one of the few good sized community resources in the immediate locality. It is used by various residential groups throughout the week as well as being a safe and friendly place open to all the community every Sunday morning. Our vision is to be bridge builders between the Kingdom of God and Dingle (Toxteth) as it grows and changes.


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